Exception Management

Rich, user-friendly interfaces designed specifically to offer you and your clients a streamlined and accessible exception management experience.

creditron-exceptionAn exception in remittance processing might include a mismatch of the numerical and hand written amount of a check, an incorrect invoice number noted on the remittance advice, an under or over payment of an account and/or invoice, missing signature on a check, payment for an account who’s services have been disabled or an insurance policy that has not been approved. The list is endless and as is true in most business processes the handling of exceptions is 90% of the effort and cost.

Throughout the implementation process we listen to our customers, understand their pain points and configure our solution to meet your needs. This can include automating business rules, facilitating dynamic routing of approvals and real-time workflow management to provide for powerful exception handling.

Creditron’s Enterprise Cloud Processing (ECP) solution allows for a transaction to be marked as an Exception Item via automated rules or a manual decision and be routed to an Exceptions queue for review and processing by another operator or another department. All Exception codes are setup based on individual environments and are configured according to your needs. Every exception is tracked and monitored on Creditron’s real time dashboard. At any given time management has visibility to the entire remittance process.


Automatically assigning resources and changing priorities as required.


A single transaction may be queried to view each step in the process, enhancing controls and accountability.


Don’t fall short and assume the automation of the check processing is enough in automating your remittance payment processing.

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