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Creditron’s ItemAge Express Platform Earns Top Security Certification

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Rockville, MD

Creditron, Inc., a leading provider of payments automation solutions, today announced that the company’s ItemAge remittance processing platform completed rigorous penetration testing by TBG Security and was certified as presenting the lowest possible risk in all of the measured areas: server-side risk, database risk, network risk, and client-side risk.

TBG Security has a proven track record in testing systems and networks to uncover vulnerabilities and make recommendations based upon its findings. TBG Security’s penetration testing consists of a detailed and proven methodology which focuses on target identification, foot printing, server and service vulnerability identification, and port vulnerability scanning. The focus of TBG Security’s evaluation is to take a “hacker’s eye view” of a solution’s infrastructure. TBG Security employs the same tools used by hackers to better determine the risk posture of a solution’s “front door.”

“Creditron takes the security of our products and client environments very seriously,” said Creditron Founder and CEO Wally Vogel. “The integrity of any payment processing platform is critical to compliance, customer privacy and security. Data encryption is one element of addressing this, but encryption alone is not nearly sufficient to withstand the wide variety of hacker attacks that are taking place today. Users that accept data encryption as equating with security of data may be vulnerable, and yet have a false sense of security. Creditron takes a multi-faceted approach which goes far beyond encryption – one of those facets is third party testing, – to ensure the best available protection of our clients’ data and systems.”

Penetration testing conducted by:

Client Side Test Results: Risk Score = LOW
Server Side Test Results: Risk Score = LOW
Database Test Results: Risk Score = LOW
Network Test Results: Risk Score = LOW


Gaurav Sharda

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