Enterprise Cloud Processing

Achieve better visibility and control of your receivables processing while on the road, even better than you have in the office now!

As payment channels evolve and the pace of business accelerates you need to be positioned to meet these challenges. Creditron is the first to leverage the latest technologies that will allow you to do this and more through our Enterprise Cloud Processing. Enterprise Cloud Processing (ECP) is a web-based payment processing platform that offers real time visibility and control while streamlining your work flow. Whether your payments are received through the mail, electronically, or scanned at a remote office, ECP will facilitate the processing, recognition, validation and workflow of the payments right through to posting and electronic deposit. Relevant metrics, including consolidated views, workflow management, and detailed reporting are available to key stakeholders on demand.


  • Fully image based including an image of the front and rear of every document processed through the system.
  • Supports most common scanners. Payments can be scanned directly into the ECP web site, or scanned on offline hardware and imported.
  • Electronic wires and ACH payments can be processed along with mail payments.
  • OCR technology will read the scanline on remittance notices.
  • Full page documents may also be scanned and classified.
  • Ability to segregate tasks like amount balancing, research required & document correction.
  • Fully manageable workload balancing.
  • Management may assign users to various queues based on real-time volume & throughput data.
  • Comprehensive search capability on all payments processed through the system.
  • CAR/LAR technology reads the handwritten legal and courtesy amounts from checks.
  • Integrate with existing systems through web services or file outputs.
  • Creates electronic deposit files for any Check 21 enabled bank.
  • Full suite of packaged reports with ability for clients to create their own.
  • ECP can be deployed to a client’s server, or hosted in Creditron’s secure cloud.


  • User-friendly interface

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