Automated Check Separation & Virtual Batching Webinar





Amanda Hales, Director of Product Marketing at Creditron

What You Will Learn

Participate in Creditron’s latest 45 minute webinar to learn more about ways to eliminate pre-sorting further and utilize technology readily available to virtually batch your transactions for you. In this session, you will see how check only transactions with the check skirts still attached can be processed on the a full page scanner, without any physical separation required. Whether the skirt is a partial or full page, the scanner software will automatically detect that it contains a check and will virtually separate it for you.

Another ‘must have’ feature is Creditron’s virtual batching capability. This allows for the processing of multiple payment streams such as tax, water, parking, etc. together in a single tray of work and the software will virtually batch by payment stream and even by balanced/exception work. This is truly a feature that must be seen to appreciate its impact potential for your organization.

Target audience for this webinar are organizations that currently processed mixed payment streams with OCR scanlines and significant data preparation prior to scanning their payments. Even those organizations that process a single payment stream such as tax will see how virtually batching can automate the balancing of their work so only the exceptions have to be ‘touched’ by an operator in our keying utility.

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