Core Values

At Creditron we believe we can only live up to our mission statement if every member of the team holds themselves accountable to our core values. When someone best embodies these values we say they’ve demonstrated a Great C.A.T.C.H. The following list represents the values and behaviors we expect of the entire organization.

creditron-core_valuesCustomer Service

We will strive to exceed expectations and strengthen customer relationships with each interaction

Accountability & Integrity

As individuals we will work for the success of the organization, and as an organization will conduct business with integrity and trust, providing equal opportunity for all who contribute


We will communicate openly and respectfully within the company, and collaborate both internally and externally to achieve our goals

Creativity and Innovation

We value creativity and will be open to new ideas from any source that will improve our performance

High Performance

We will seek to continuously enhance our performance by accurately measuring, monitoring, and rewarding the achievement of key metrics

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