About Us

Creditron is a leader in delivering payment processing and receivables automation solutions to financial institutions, businesses, government entities and non-profit organizations across North America.

creditron-about_usFrom the beginning Creditron’s vision has been to leverage our extensive expertise in payment automation to provide innovative mission-critical solutions and support services tailored to the unique operations and business requirements of our customers.

Our solutions are designed to help clients of all sizes save time and money, enhance customer relationships and market share, increase revenues, streamline compliance and control and position them for success in the emerging payments environment.

Today more than 400 Creditron clients, including some of the world’s most sophisticated companies, count on our solutions to automate some of the most challenging problems in payment and receivables processing. In 2014, our solutions processed more than 400 million transactions, representing $100 billion.

Whether it is integrated receivables, remittance processing, lockbox processing, distributed capture, receivables management, or billing, Creditron provides the agile structure for doing it cost-effectively, with industry-leading performance, reliability and scalability.

Creditron is a registered trademark of Creditron Canada, Inc.

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