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Creditron Earns Nearly Perfect Score for its Customer Support

Monday, September 15, 2014

Rockville, MD

Creditron announced today that its customers give the company a nearly perfect score for the responsiveness and effectiveness of its customer support.

Creditron’s customers rate the company’s customer support a 4.8 out of 5.  As support cases are closed, Creditron asks customers to rate the company’s performance in resolving the matter, in terms of effectiveness and responsiveness.  Customers rate the company on a scale of zero to five, with zero representing “unresolved to the customer’s satisfaction” and five representing “excellent.”  Customers also can provide comments.  Creditron CEO Wally Vogel receives daily survey results, and the customer support ratings are summarized and circulated within the company each month.

These results are even more impressive when you consider that Creditron supports end-to-end lockbox and remittance processing solutions at more than 400 customer sites across North America.

Creditron attributes its nearly perfect customer support rating to several factors:

  • Eighty percent of Creditron’s customer support calls are answered by a live receptionist and are immediately routed to a highly qualified customer support representative
  • Creditron has an established customer support infrastructure that includes two dedicated facilities (providing mutual business continuity). These offices provide customer support representatives with desks and meeting rooms for consultation and training, as well as full test laboratories. The customer support team is strategically placed with QA and software development teams to encourage collaboration and allow for immediate assistance when development expertise is required.
  • Creditron in most cases is a single source for both the hardware and software that it sells, eliminating the finger-pointing that occurs when multiple vendors are supporting a single solution.

The comments recently provided on a survey completed by a representative of a county government that uses Creditron’s software illustrates the benefits of the company’s approach to customer support: “I would rate the response a huge five!  [Our customer support representative] was very patient and was able to resolve our complicated issue with ease and professionalism.”

A representative of an automobile club wrote: “I would give [our customer support representative] a six.  She did an excellent job!”  She is pleasant to work with and is very knowledgeable about the product.  The manager of our cashier department called it the best upgrade ever.”

“Creditron is proud of the high marks that we have earned for our customer support,” Vogel said.  “We remain committed to building on these results.  Organizations cannot afford to have their receivables systems down for a significant period of time, and when they need help they don’t want to deal with auto-attendant systems that refer them to an email address. That’s why Creditron has invested in offices, a toll free line, a live receptionist, and the infrastructure that allows us to provide the highest level of support with a personal touch.”


Gaurav Sharda

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