Scanline Recommendations

Creditron as a solutions provider contributes to the advancement of payment processing knowledge by providing a clear definition of common terms used in the payment processing industry.

creditron-scanlineThe following are recommendations and suggestions for the invoice stubs for remittance processing. Ideally the scanline should be located in a clear band within 2″ of the bottom of the stub. If you use a inserting machine, considerations should be made for the marks on the stub so they do not interfere with the data on the scanline. The preferred font is OCR-A or OCR-B (numerics only) as this will provide the best read rate. The scanline should include a checkdigit to ensure accuracy. Ideally the line position should not vary up or down by more than half of the character height.

In terms of content the following is one example (from left to right):

Account Number 11 digits E.g. 00345678901
Date 6 digits (MMDDYY) E.g. 110196
Rate Code 4 digits E.g. 0000
Gross Amount 10 digits (no decimal) E.g. 0000001000
Net Amount 10 digits (no decimal) E.g. 0000001000
Check Digit 1 digit E.g. 8

There should be no spaces between fields, and all fields will be zero filled. The total length of the scanline in this example is 42 digits including the check digit.

E.g. 003456789011101960000000000100000000010008

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