Financial Institutions

Creditron offers integrated receivables solutions that help financial institutions of all sizes increase operational efficiency, grow fee-related revenues and enhance customer service.


Financial Institutions need an arsenal of compelling Treasury products to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Our flagship integrated receivables solution, Enterprise Cloud Processing (ECP), is an agile end-to-end image-based platform that provides integrated retail, wholesale, whole-tail and electronic payment processing. The solution includes automated data entry functions, advanced recognition technologies, efficient user-configurable workflows, robust transaction reporting, flexible image and data archive and delivery, Check 21/ACH capabilities, and distributed capture and page scanning options.

Our lockbox processing and distributed capture solutions are especially designed to help financial institutions and lockbox providers meet the demand from their clients to accelerate A/R posting, reduce so-called information float and eliminate costly payment exceptions. Leveraging the combined power of imaging, data recognition and workflow technologies, Creditron is uniquely positioned to help banks and lockbox providers improve their operations, grow fee income and impact the bottom line of their customers.

The solution is ideal for both established lockbox providers, as well as those starting out. What’s more, its robust standard features, numerous optional modules and flexible, scalable design serve both the current and future business needs of banks and lockbox providers. Good thing: most of our lockbox users experience tremendous growth within two years.

Key Features

  • Grow fee revenues
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Acquire new customers/Enter new markets
  • Create a bridge between paper and electronic transactions for customers
  • Encourage efficiency savings for customers that can equate to revenue gains
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Preserve the treasury franchise

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