Statement of Technical Support Services

Learn More About Creditron’s Customer Support And Implementation Team’s Process


The processes and procedures used by Creditron Technical Support help to ensure that each support request is handled in the most efficient, thorough, and professional manner possible, while providing a high level of customer satisfaction.

1.1       When is Support Available?

All support methods are available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time, excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Creditron also provides a support cell phone with extended hour coverage for emergency situations. Extended support coverage is available within service level agreement response times for an additional cost.

1.2       Who is Supported?

All customers current in their annual fees are supported.

1.3       Telephone Support

Creditron provides toll-free telephone access to our technical support resources for the purpose of resolving Software problems.

1.4       Web-based Support – The Creditron Customer Portal

Support cases may be created using WebEx Remote Access.  When initiating a Remote Access session, the host machine requires an access code or phone authentication to access the machine.  This code is stored on the server and can be accessed only by administrators with proper authentication.  Remote Access sessions are completely transient, storing no session data on the server. The WebEx Network mediates each Remote access session, with each party (Technical Support Representative/remote machine) initiating an OUTBOUND call from their respective networks.  No inbound connections are initiated.  In addition, the host computer logs each Remote Access session.  Once the remote user logs onto the host machine, the IP address of the host machine is never revealed to the user.

Note:  Critical or high-priority issues should always be phoned in to Creditron Technical Support. Only non-critical requests should be made through the Creditron Customer Portal.  The Creditron Customer Portal service level commitments are based on the time the case was created.

Before you can get into the Creditron’s Customer Portal system, you must obtain a username and password.

1.5       Contacting Creditron’s Technical Support

Creditron offers many methods of contacting support.  We have an 800 number, a support email address , and a “Live Chat” feature on our home website as alternative methods for support notification.

1.6       Who Can Call?

Any trained user of the Creditron application at a covered customer site may contact Creditron Technical support.  However, one or more application experts should be identified at each site who will act as a

Primary Contact. Primary Contacts are required to be knowledgeable about the installed Creditron products at the customer site and how they are used in the Customer-specific environment.

Creditron’s Technical Support should be notified if the customer needs to change their contact or site information. This is necessary to ensure we maintain accurate and complete contact information.  Please be prepared to provide the following details:

  • Company/Site Name
  • New Contact Name (to be added) and/or Former Contact Name (to be removed)
  • Title
  • Address
  • Phone, Fax, and E-mail Information

1.7       Before You Call

Telephone support is the best way to get the quickest response from Creditron Technical Support, especially for urgent issues.  Non-critical issues can be reported via the Creditron Customer Portal on the Internet. The guidelines below will help you make the most effective use of Creditron’s Technical Support, and help us resolve issues quickly and accurately.

If something isn’t working the expected way, we recommend that you explore the problem to assess whether it’s something you can readily resolve. The following are suggestions to try:

  • Verify that the problem is related to the Creditron application.  The problem may be with the network, power, third-party software, or interfaces in which case the appropriate vendor for support will need to be contacted.
  • Attempt to reproduce the problem.
  • Check the obvious things like cabling, power, login information, etc.
  • Review all relevant documentation, including any manuals and application help.
  • If the problem is reproducible, check to see if any changes have recently taken place in the operating environment that might be responsible for the problem.
  • Note any error messages you are getting.
  • Go to the Creditron Support and Training Website at and search for any relevant documentation and/or solutions.

1.8       How to Open A Support Case

Email and provide the following information with as much detail about your question/issue:

  • Company;
  • Contact Name, Phone Number;
  • The name of the Creditron application;
  • Problem encountered versus expected behavior;
  • Actions you have tried in order to resolve the issue;
  • Relevant documentation such as screen shots, copies, or text or any error messages;


Telephone 1-888-721-9510

  • Please be ready to identify if you are using ItemAge, RP$ or ItemAge Express;
  • If you reach the automated phone system, press 2 for Support.

1.9       Case Number

Once a call or email is received, a case is opened immediately and will be assigned to the next available representative. You will receive an email with any updates as the case is worked on, and will be updated when the case is marked fixed and closed.  If you call or email us to follow-up, please reference the case number received to identify the problem you are interested in discussing.

Each customer support request that comes into Creditron Technical Support by any medium (phone, email, etc.) is logged into our case-tracking system, NetSuite, assigned a case number and monitored. Reports are generated on a regular basis to ensure issues are closed in a timely manner and expedited accordingly, if required.

1.10     Case Resolution/Escalation Process

If you are not satisfied with the handling of your case by a support team member, you should contact the support team manager for the product in use as follows:

  • ItemAge Express – Wissam Ballout, Oakville Office, 1-888-721-9510, x1026,

If following escalation to the support manager you are still not satisfied with our response, you should directly escalate your complaint to the CEO of Creditron, Wally Vogel,, 240-252-4985.

1.11     Case Closure/Resolution

The following criteria will be used to determine when a support issue can be closed:

  • A solution is provided to the customer to implement.
  • A fix is implemented by a Support Technician.
  • The customer fails to respond to multiple communications from Creditron.
  • It is determined that the issue is not due to the Creditron product but to external issues beyond Creditron’s control and influence.

2          SERVICE LEVEL

2.1       Response Time

Support calls are triaged and response times for repair are as follows:

  • 2 hours for an IMMEDIATE priority problem which crashes the customer’s system and renders the software unusable;
  • 4 hours for a HIGH priority problem, which causes a software feature failure that cannot be avoided through alternate methods by the customer;
  • 1 business day for a MEDIUM priority problem which causes a software feature failure that can be avoided through alternate methods by the customer; and
  • the next scheduled maintenance release for a LOW priority problem which causes only an inconvenience to the customer including, but not limited to, misspellings and report/screen formats.


3.1       Standard Support

All support methods are available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Local Time, excluding Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.

3.2       Off-Hours Support

Creditron also provides a support cell phone with extended hour coverage for emergency situations.  Extended support coverage is available with service level agreement response times for an additional cost.

3.3       Training and Implementation

Creditron delivers proven professional services and systems experts that help in every aspect of deployment.  We combine a tested project methodology with best practices and advanced tools to ensure projects are completed on time and to your satisfaction with the lowest possible risks.  Our professional services experts collaborate with each customer to determine the best strategy for their initiatives, from requirements definition to delivery to testing to ongoing support.

Creditron provides industry leading training for payment and receivables professionals.  Adapted to the specific needs of your staff and organization and taught by a highly qualified installer, our training services combine deep systems and industry experience, operations best practices and cutting-edge learning tools.

With our training services, you can get your users quickly and efficiently up-to-speed on Creditron products, reducing call volumes to your support team, speed troubleshooting, provide greater satisfaction to end-users, and speed system implementation.

3.4       System Administration

There should be a system administrator assigned for the system setup other users access and have a basic understanding of the system as the go to person if an issue should arise.  There is very little actual system administration required with our solution.

3.5       Installation and Upgrades

We provide regular release upgrades of the software through our customer support, which is included in the annual maintenance.  If a new feature or product is released and desired by the customer, this would be quoted and scheduled through the PAQ process as indicated in Section 2.24 of this contract.

3.6       Customer Responsibility

The customer is responsible for running the software on a daily basis, balancing, uploading, and backing up the system.

3.7       Security and Passwords

The IAX platform is secured based on the business rules of the client.  We provide 16 levels of security access, along with password requirements from lengths, special characters, and number of times password must be changed.  Everything done in the system is logged for auditing purposes and reported.

3.8       Hardware Maintenance

Hardware maintenance is contracted directly with OPEX who also has an above average customer response rate. OPEX is Creditron’s hardware vendor, and we work very closely together and with our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction.

3.9       Remote Access

WebEx remote diagnostics to assist with support of the installed solution at all customer sites.

3.10     Feedback and Customer Satisfaction

Eighty percent (80%) of calls are personally answered and routed to a qualified Customer Support Representative. In the rare case this is not possible, a priority voicemail can be left, which is automatically escalated to management to ensure prompt callback (within one hour).  Customer satisfaction is monitored and consistently rates 4.6 above average on a scale of 1-5.

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