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Creditron offers productivity-enhancing transaction and receivables automation products for government finance professionals, including remittance processing, cashiering, electronic check clearing and electronic bill presentment and payment.


The government sector is under tremendous pressure to contain escalating costs while continually improving operations efficiency and the quality of constituent care.

Our payment and receivables solutions help transform government processes and streamline payment processing across the enterprise – from tax payments to sewer and water bills to walk-up payments to license fees.  These solutions are proven in municipal, county, state, provincial and federal government applications in the United States and Canada.

We provide a broad range of solutions for government clients, including:


Our solution offers end-to-end image-based platforms that automate the processing of scannable transaction documents across a wide range of payment applications.

The solution integrates advanced imaging, data recognition and electronic payment technologies to drive increased operations and IT performance and enhanced customer service.  Built on a flexible, open systems architecture, our solutions provide unparalleled ease of installation, operation, management and support for state and local governments.

System features include:  real-time data indexing and image viewing; courtesy and legal amount recognition; user-configurable job setup; scalability with support for multiple scanners; check encoding and endorsement; image and data archive and delivery options (fax, e-mail,  and Internet); and auditing and transaction reporting.  We also feature a cashiering module for walk-up payments and can output images in X9.37 format for Check 21 compatibility and provide Accounts Receivable Check Conversion.

Remote Capture

Our remote capture solution increases the efficiency and effectiveness of payment workflows by enabling the capture of checks and documents at the point of presentment.

Remote capture from Creditron enables governments to scan checks at their own locations and send electronic deposits, in lieu of paper, for posting.  With remote capture, governments no longer have to make time-consuming trips to the branch.

The software automatically consolidates multiple deposits accounts and sites, and prepares and uploads daily receivables into any accounts receivables program.  It even provides an image storage retrieval system for networked access to receivables information.

Receivables Automation

Our automated cash application solution is proven Microsoft® Windows® system featuring scheduled bank FTP pulls, PGP file encryption, optical character recognition (OCR) data reading for onsite scanning, SQL Server® 2000 or higher support and user-configurable auto-matching rules.  It also includes auto-mates/auto-posting capabilities; enhanced reporting; productivity tracking; workflow management; online Web access to payments; centralized data warehousing; 24/7 system availability; and quick and accurate solution deployment.

The solution allows governments to image their receivables and read checks to determine the amount and the check issuer (based on MICR data).  Scanned checks are then automatically matched to open invoices, with an electronic deposit file created simultaneously.  When a check comes in where a discount, credit or return is applied, the software takes this into account and ensures correct cash application postings.  Users can view images of any open invoice, anytime, via the Web or an intranet to keep abreast of a payer’s A/R status.

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

Our integrated EBPP solution enables a government’s customer base to securely view, print and pay bills online, using a credit card, automated clearing house (ACH) transaction or other payment option.  The solution seamlessly interfaces with any legacy billing software, eliminating the need for governments to change their current billing setup.

Why Creditron?

Timely and accurate processing of government payments is critical, not only to maximize cash flow, but also for constituent service.  For example, when an account is in arrears and up for disconnect or suspension of service, government users must know when a check arrives.  Our Hot File module notifies users as soon as a check is scanned, so they can take action.  The security and audit features of our remittance solutions ensure accurate account postings to eliminate mis-posted  payments and avoid costly error correction and potential legal issues.  Our solutions can also handle multiple amounts for multiple services, plus net and gross payment amounts.  With courtesy and legal amount recognition, governments can process mixed net and gross payments, partial payments and multiple payments without sorting.  Mark Sense automatically flags change of address or other markings on remittances.

Furthermore, Creditron has interfaced with many CIS and tax systems.

Key Features

  • Open, component-based architecture
  • Highly scalable and reliable
  • Flexible workflow and business processes
  • Advanced imaging and data recognition technology
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Enhanced service through image retrieval

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