creditron-industries_graphic1Creditron has extensive expertise and experience in developing, deploying and supporting mission-critical payment and receivables automation solutions tailored to the unique operations and business requirements of our customers. Our greater than 400 installations span across a breadth of size and industry verticals.

The extensive features available with a Creditron solution means we can adapt to specific requirements for your industry. Our products are configurable allowing for ease of implementation across market segments. Our focus markets include Financial Institutions, Insurance, State and Local Government, Non-Profit, Healthcare, Corporate and Utility Entities of all sizes across North America.

Financial Institutions

Creditron offers integrated receivables solutions that help financial institutions of all sizes increase operational efficiency, grow fee-related revenues and enhance customer service.

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Creditron is the payment processing solutions provider that leading insurance companies trust most to automate and streamline their receivables management.

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State and Local Government

Creditron offers productivity-enhancing transaction and receivables automation products for government.

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Utilities of all sizes are challenged to provide more sophisticated and competitive services—with fewer resources.

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Creditron provides non-profit organizations with the payment processing and receivables management solutions needed to speed funds availability, drive operational efficiencies and enhance donor service while addressing constant change.

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Creditron and our partner MediStreams are proud to leverage the latest technologies that will allow you to electronically streamline EOB processing, faster than ever before.

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Creditron offers image-based solutions to help corporations unlock value.

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