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Creditron Launches Industrys First Cloud-Based Platform for Managing Integrated and Consolidated Payment Processing

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Rockville, MD

Extending its decades-long track record as a leading innovator in payments and receivables automation, Creditron today announced the launch of Enterprise Cloud Processing (ECP), the first cloud-based platform for integrated payments processing and consolidated receivables management. ECP leverages a secure cloud-based delivery model to eliminate many of the costs and workflow inefficiencies associated with traditional payments processing solutions, while providing billers with unprecedented visibility and control over their receivables.

Creditron will demonstrate ECP during a free Webinar scheduled for Tuesday, April 16 from 2:00 to 3:00 PM eastern. To register for the Webinar, visit

ECP raises the bar for payments processing solutions, delivering breakthrough efficiencies in the processing, recognition, validation, posting and deposit of payments and remittance documents (including stubs and full-page documents) received through the mail, electronically, or via a remote scanning site.

Unlike traditional on-premise payments processing solutions, ECP enables users to scan payments and remittance documents directly to the web, without the need to install software. ECP can also import images and data scanned on integrated mail opening and extraction systems.. The solution’s robust workflow automatically routes exception items to individual work queues, provides workload balancing tools for management to dynamically reassign work based on real-time data, notifies staff based on pre-set business rules of exceptions awaiting their review, and consolidates electronic data feeds for ACH and wire transactions with the images and data from digitized payments received through the mail.

ECP’s cloud-based delivery model drives new levels of receivables visibility and control by providing secure, on-demand access to consolidated payments and receivables information, via a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. ECP offers detailed reporting, real-time workflow status, and relevant operations metrics, and enables users to export data to applications such as Microsoft Excel.

“As payments channels evolve and the pace of business accelerates, billers need new tools for managing their payments and receivables,” said Creditron Founder and CEO Wally Vogel. “ECP leverages the web to deliver streamlined payments processing workflows and better visibility and control of a biller’s receivables, no matter the payment type or where the user is physically located. Managing receivables now can happen wherever business is done, and not just in the back-office.”

ECP can be deployed to a client’s server, or hosted in Creditron’s secure cloud.


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