Unapplied cash? Apply within!





Jon Gage, Sr.
Business Solutions Architect

Mike Dignen
Director of Sales

What You Will Learn

Are you dealing with a large amount of unapplied payments and facing difficulties managing postings and discounts? Do you have multiple, dedicated resources who spend their valuable time manually researching & applying payments? You aren’t alone!

For any company with a large volume of invoices, this can be a time-consuming task. Join Creditron on November 30th to learn about some of the challenges billers face and how an automated cash application solution can drastically increase your AR efficiency!

Discover what automation can bring to your AR processes:

  • Reduce your unapplied payments
  • Improve your processing time
  • Leverage rules-based matching logic specific to YOUR ORGANIZATION.

The session will include demo of Creditron’s advanced Cash Application solution suite.

This webinar will start at 2:00 PM EST until 2:30 PM EST

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