Payment Imaging, What’s the Right Hardware For You?





Jordin Smith – Technical Sales Specialist

What You Will Learn

Choosing the right scanner for your payments operations is harder than ever. Organizations must consider: declining check volumes, heightened demands for page-scanning, a wide range of check and document scanners, tight budgets, and the possibility that the organization will consolidate all scanning into a shared services center.

The issue is increasingly time sensitive with several widely-deployed check scanners reaching end-of-life. This session will help you better understand the scanners available on the market.

Attendees will learn the latest information on the check scanners reaching end-of-life, hear about the different check and document scanners supported by Creditron, learn how other Creditron customers have successfully leveraged different types of scanners to meet their business needs, and hear tips for determining which type of scanner is right for your operations.

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