Lockbox (ECP) Webinar





Speakers will include Jon Gage, Sr. Business Solutions Architect at Creditron. Jon will discuss the features and benefits of the ECP for Lockbox product and conduct a short demo of the platform.

What You Will Learn

Break free from the chains of outdated, under-supported lockbox platforms!

Traditional lockbox processing solutions haven’t changed in years. Clients are too often faced with:

  • Outdated technology that can’t keep up with your customers’ demands
  • Expensive platform upgrades that repeatedly drive up operating costs
  • Managing multiple processing platforms depending on the type of customer being processed
  • Obsolete databases & data architecture exposing serious security risks

There is an alternative!

Join Creditron as we showcase our powerful web-based lockbox platform, Enterprise Cloud Processing.

ECP for Lockbox offers a huge degree of flexibility and control while streamlining your work flow. Attendees will learn about the latest technologies that allow you to do process all of your work on a single, modern platform. Join us for a live demo and find out why everybody is talking about ECP!

Webinar starts at 2:00 PM EST.

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