IAX/LCP Exception Processing and Archiving Webinar





Speakers will include Wissam Ballout, Manager of Support and Implementation at Creditron as well as Eduard Cruz, Support and Implementation Specialist. Wissam will discuss the features and benefits of exception processing and Eduard will conduct a short demo of the platform.

What You Will Learn

Join Creditron as we discuss how LCP’s enhanced functionality can assist with intra-day exception handling. Learn how to key transactions in ItemAge Express and manage your exceptions items in LCP. We will also touch on end of day reports, researching and archiving transactions.

The webinar will cover the following items:

  • Keying in IAX-IDC
  • Sending items to exceptions for additional confirmation/corrections/information
  • An overview of LCP, i.e. page layout, login, options and features, queues
  • Processing exception items in LCP; retrieving transactions from the exceptions queue, and applying corrections
  • Sending these corrected exception items back to IAX-IDC for processing and validation
  • End of Day balance and reports
  • End of Day upload e.g. accounting and Check21
  • Archiving batches/transactions onto LCP
  • Researching transactions in LCP

This webinar will start at 2:00 PM EST

**The login information for this webinar will be sent by email on the morning of June 24th.

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