End to End Batch Processing in ItemAge Express Webinar





Speakers will include Wissam Ballout, Manager – Customer Support & Implementation, and the demo will be conducted by Eduard Cruz, Customer Support & Implementation Specialist.

What You Will Learn

Join Creditron as we discuss end to end batch processing in ItemAge Express. The webinar presentation will include a demo where we will be scanning items on an Opex machine and showing how easy it is to interpret Opex batches and bring them into ItemAge Express for keying and validation. We will also demonstrate the end to end cycle while going through reports retrievals, and end of day processing.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Importing Opex batches
  • Applying CAR/LAR recognition via OfflineReco
  • Validating payments via Image Data Correction (IDC)
  • Retrieving the Batch and Check Reports
  • Workload Monitor Overview
  • Processing End of Day tasks; Accounting upload, Check21 validation and generation
  • Simulating a Duplicate Check scenario through the Check21 generation process
  • Verifying and retrieving End of Day reports

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