Change the Rules of Cash Application





Mark Brousseau – Special Projects Editor, IOFM

Jon Gage – Senior Business Solutions Architect, Creditron

What You Will Learn

Cash application takes too long, costs too much, creates too many exceptions, and provides inadequate visibility.  The root of the problem is the antiquated systems and processes that most receivables departments use to apply cash.  Worse yet: the combination of diversifying payment and remittance channels, ever-increasing demands for remittance data capture, and the heightened audit and compliance risk of unapplied or improperly applied cash will exacerbate the problem for receivables departments that do not act soon.  Paying a bank lockbox provider to capture remittance data is no panacea.  And bolting-on an optical character recognition solution provides uneven results.  The solution is to change the rules of cash application.  During this webinar, the speakers will:

  • Share exclusive IOFM data on the challenges and pain points of traditional cash application systems and processes
  • Show how receivables departments can use emerging technologies and best practices to change the rules of cash application
  • Detail how a fresh approach to cash application uniquely addresses the current and future challenges and pain points in receivables processing
  • Provide a real-world example of a business that has benefited by changing the rules of cash application.

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This webinar is hosted by the ARO2C Network and sponsored by Creditron.

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