Tune Up

Is your Creditron solution running up-to-par? Enroll in our Tune-Up program to find out.

The tune up service features diagnostic and performance evaluations of your installed remittance solution in order to ensure optimal efficiency and value. The tune up helps address external and environmental factors that are outside the Creditron application that might be preventing optimal performance. (These are not covered by your maintenance agreement today.) This service is offered once a year, at the time of your maintenance renewal, for $500, and includes the following services:

Tune Up Services

Host Training Sessions
Training sessions on transport maintenance including cleanup, cleaning jams and processing.

Check Process Efficiency & Environment Analysis
An environment analysis to uncover processing efficiencies.

Data/Image Retention
Assist in data and solution environment backup.

Annual PM Hardware Session
Annual call scheduled for hardware preventative maintenance.

Check Image Quality
Inspect image quality of document being captured.

SQL Server Health Check
Inspect table and logs to ensure optimal performance.

Environment Cleanup
Refresh the solution’s environment by eliminating redundant, unnecessary and obsolete files, configurations and logs.

IAX Security Review
Review account settings, credentials and permission levels.

Current Product Release Check
Ensure the current solution version is up to date.

Quarterly WebEx Training
Enroll in quarterly webinars that will discuss various topics.

Network Speed Test
Ensure the network speed is adequate for smooth processing.

Application Run Test
Run items into each application to ensure a good read rate.

You can download the Tune Up Services PDF here:

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For more details, please contact

Wissam Ballout
Manager of Customer Support and Implementation at:

Ph: 240.252.7757
Email: wballout@creditron.com

Customer Review


THANK YOU for the wonderful ‘Tune-Up’ you gave our company today. It is so nice to see a company who still holds customer service at a high standard.

It was funny today… when the WebEx conference started, your audience seemed skeptical on its purpose. But by the time it ended… they were crowding each other to get closer to the speaker phone, lol. We were impressed with your knowledge, engagement, and the over-all experience.

Thank You again, for your hard work and dedication.

Sandra Massey
Applications Analyst
Enterprise Applications Team
Zycron @ Nashville Electric Service

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