Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum PC specifications to run the ItemAge Express Solution?

The ItemAge Express solution is compatible with, and supported on Win7, 8 and 10. Minimum PC specifications include:
Intel Core i5-3470, 3.2GHz, 6MB, Quad Core
4GB (1x4GB) Memory DIMM, 1600Mhz DDR3
Integrated Intel 2500 HD Graphics
Boot Drive, 320GB 2.5" SATA 3Gb/s Opal SED w/FIPS, 512e Hard Drive, Minitower
2nd Drive, 320GB 2.5" SATA 3Gb/s Opal SED w/FIPS, 512e Hard Drive, Minitower
Intel vPro Technology Enabled
Core i5 vPro Sticker

Document jams or double-feeding.

Document jams and double-feeding can occur if rollers become dirty or worn down or if there are debris obstructing the track. All transports require regular cleaning. Usually rollers can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol cards or swabs, and debris can be blown out of the track with compressed air. Please follow the cleaning procedures specified in your hardware manual, which can be obtained in electronic format from our support team. If cleaning does not alleviate the problem, please call to arrange hardware service.

My PC crashed and now ItemAge will not start normally.

IAX temporarily stores the current batch in a file named audit.log. If IAX is closed improperly (power outage, crash, or killed from task manager) the audit.log file can become corrupted. Please call support and we can manually remove the corrupt transaction (usually the last one).

When starting a new batch, ItemAge Express will not allow a particular batch number and warns that the batch number already exists.

This usually happens if there is already a batch file or lock file in the data folder with that batch number. This can happen if another operator has already used this batch number, or if there is a batch file left over from last year. To investigate further, open the data folder and try to find the existing file with that batch number. The batch files are cleaned out automatically by newer versions of ItemAge, or must be manually archived by older versions (RP$).

Why is it prompting with a choice of Check, Invoice, or Cancel?

If the transport successfully reads a MICR line, it knows the document is a check. If it successfully reads an OCR scanline, it knows the document is an invoice. However, if it misreads some of the characters (MICR or OCR) it may be uncertain. If this occurs, you can manually enter the correct MICR or OCR and choose Check or Invoice, or you can hit Esc to skip out the transaction and re-run it so you may get a better read the second time through.

Marksense is getting a poor detection rate on checkboxes.

If a new batch of invoices is printed, the checkbox location may have shifted relative to the paper. If that is the case, the box coordinates may be picking up other nearby text. Re-drawing the coordinate box may help. Designing the document to have plenty of white space surrounding the checkbox, adding a unique symbol/logo that can act as an anchor will improve the checkbox detection rate.

There are regular cleaning procedures that need to be performed on the iTran 3000. Here are some details about what is required:

  • The clear plastic lens covers that slide overtop of the front and rear cameras should be cleaned daily, or whenever you notice streaks across the images. They can be wiped down with soap and water or an alcohol-based cleaning solution to clean off ink smudges or paper build-up.
  • Compressed air is an effective way to blow paper fibre and other debris out of the document path.
  • Alcohol-based cleaning cards are required to clean the rubber rollers to remove paper fibre and other build-up. There should be run through the document path a few times, as well as held in place as the rollers scrub against them. To do this you can open a batch and run the cleaning card through like a normal check, then abort the batch when finished cleaning.

Why am I receiving ‘Error 75 Path/file not found’ when trying to upload?

The most common cause is a network drive connectivity loss, and that the mapped drive is not accessible during upload. Make sure that your network is up, and the network drive is accessible. Confirm with IT regarding permissions issues or network connectivity failures.

CAR/LAR Engine failed to initialize (Have to key in check amounts manually)

This happens when the CAR/LAR path is missing in the application or if A2iA software is not installed. Please contact our support line at 1.888.721.9510

The scan line isn’t being read. Resulting in misreads and require manual correction and keying.

Please contact our support line as the scan line read zone needs to be redrawn and adjusted. Please make a note of the application the read is failing on, and have at least one sample invoice ready for testing.

Error popping upon start up or during processing: is it a hardware or a software issue?

  • Most of the time the error message will identify what is wrong with the scanner. Make a note of the error, accept it and continue processing if possible.
  • If you cannot continue to scan, abort the batch and turn the scanner off and back on. Go back into the system and start the same application again and continue with the previous batch that was aborted so information is not lost.
  • If problem still occurs, leave the error displayed on the screen and contact our support line.

Is it possible to make changes or edit a batch after being marked verified?

Yes. In IAX, go to Utilities -> Edit/Upload and select the batch in question from the tray (make sure you specify a *.vfy extension at the bottom of the tray). Click on EDIT, and adjust the discrepancies. Finally, SAVE and exit. You can now proceed with the upload process.

How can I look up and research an old transaction?

If you have “Image Inquire” you can look up previous payments by searching through the list of transactions available or by criteria e.g. date, batch number, check number, amount etc. If you do not currently have Image Inquire, please contact your sales representative or our head office at 1-888-721-9510 and they will be happy to provide pricing on this module. This is an easy add-on to all ItemAge Express and RP$ systems.

My system crashed while I was processing. Did I lose all my work?

  • Typically when a batch has been interrupted by a system crash, application hanging etc... the batch information is saved. There are instances where the file itself has been corrupted and in this case, the batch may need to be scanned over again.
  • To continue the batch, log back into the system and start the same application again and continue with the previous batch that was aborted. The system will advise you that a previous batch was started and do you wish to continue. Select “yes”. Once done the system will display all previous scanned items and will ask for verification for the last item that was scanned. You will need to verify the last item and proceed from that point.

Does Creditron provide training on applications/upload files set up and configurations? Is it billable?

Yes. Creditron does train on application setup; however this is not part of the implementation training so it is billable. Depending on the nature of the request, this can be billed hourly if it is a small ad hoc requirement. Also, we recommend scheduled multiday training sessions to go with a discounted daily rate of $1,000 per day.

Does Creditron have an after hour Support number?

Yes. You can reach one of our senior representatives at 1.416.573.9041 from 6pm – 8:30 pm EST. You can also email support at support@creditron.com

Why would I get message "Warning Invalid batch"?

This would come up if, when opening a batch, the batch number that is going to be used already exists.

Why am I receiving the error message: "Run Time error 52", 'bad file name or number'. Is this a system network drive error or program error?

Typically this is a network or communication error. Most systems maintain most of their files on a network drive of some sorts and the system is reliant on this connection for processing and performance.

Can batch information be captured into a text file?

It is possible to export the batch info in browser into a comma delimited file. A customized output file could also be programmed and configured to meet special rules and specifications.

Is ItemAge Express compatible with Windows 7? What are the specific system requirements?

IAX is compatible with Windows 7 32bit on all scanners. 64 bit is also supported on all scanners except for the ITran 180/300 which required a specific version of WiseIP at an additional cost.

Computer gets blue screen of death (BSOD) when using print button located on bottom of check image screen. Does not matter about OS, happens to several systems and is constant?

Your system might require additional troubleshooting, e.g. Try using the generic HP LaserJet 5 printer driver just for ItemAge. Or call our support line at 1.888.721.9510 to speak to a support representative.

What Are the Minimum Archive File Server Specs for ItemAge Express?

 Windows 2008 or greater

 Based on 500,000 transaction per year: 500Gb
o Assumptions:
 Scanning 2000 Checks/day
 Scanning 2000 Stubs/day
 Scanning 2000 Envelopes/day
 Scanning 500 Correspondence/day
 Scanning front and back of all of the above.
 Storing for 10 years

What are the Minimum SQL Requirements for ItemAge Express?

SQL Express 2005 or greater

*ItemAge Express does not require a server for any part of the application. The Images can be sent to the local PC as the Archive. However if the account chooses to use a Server above is the recommended minimum specs.

How do I add users in ItemAge Express?

1. From ItemAge main screen, go to File > Security Utilities > Passwords
2. Highlight the username field, and type a new username (case-sensitive)
3. Enter a new password on the Password field (at least 8 characters long, need to contain at least a letter, number, and a symbol – case sensitive). Click Add User button, then save.

My Canon CR190 or CR135 has double feed issues. Can I adjust the feed?

There is a small panel directly under the feeder (where you load documents) that slides out, exposing an adjustment wheel. Lower the number on the wheel by 1 to reduce and eliminate the double feed issue. If the feeder is not pulling in any documents at all then go up a number by 1 until the machine pulls the documents in.

Can the ItemAge Express run on Citrix?

Yes, "Image Data Completion", or "IDC" can operate in Citrix. This is the tool used on the desktop of an agent to retrieve already scanned docs)

What is the process of requesting an online Demo of products and features?

If you are interested in Creditron’s products and features, please contact our support line at 1.888.721.9510 or email us at: support@creditron.com

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