EOB Processing

Complete EOB processing solutions all the way from scanning through to ERA conversion and check depositing.

creditron-eobHealthcare providers of all sizes struggle with processing payments that are received along with paper EOB documents and electronic payment sources. Many of these organizations are still manually keying information from paper resulting in higher operational costs, human errors and delays in posting. For these reasons manual EOB processing is a major contributor to both the healthcare industry’s long Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and its high percentage of uncollected receivables. Creditron leverages the latest technologies that will allow you to electronically streamline the entire process, faster than ever before.

For healthcare providers doing their own processing or Financial Institutions offering lockbox services, the Creditron Cloud835 solution can be leveraged to capture the transactions including the EOBs. When processing their own work, providers can scan, data enter, research and deposit their funds through a streamlined, stat-of-the-art interface. For providers who have outsourced these functions to a Financial Institution the bank will handle the capture and processing activities within Cloud835 in order to provide a completed 835 for posting. This integration represents a powerful service for Treasury Sales teams to offer.

creditron-eob2Cloud835 is offered exclusively through Creditron and provides a unique approach to solving EOB processing challenges faced by small providers today.

If you are a healthcare provider or Financial Institution processing on behalf of providers, our solution is scalable to fit your needs. We equip you with the properly sized full page and check scanner, such as a Canon, TWAIN, OPEX, or IBML scanner that can process payment volumes from a handful per week to thousands per day. Whether scanning the physical checks and EOBs or importing electronic payments and ERAs, Creditron’s experience in the healthcare space along with Cloud835 will electronically convert EOBs to a usable 835 for posting to the provider’s Practice Management System.

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