Cash Application

Accelerate payments reconciliation and reduce unapplied cash balances.

Manually matching paper and electronic payments to outstanding customer invoices is an arduous task.

Creditron’s Enterprise Cloud Processing (ECP) platform automates the reconciliation of payments and outstanding invoices, accelerating funds availability, eliminating manual tasks, minimizing errors and reducing unapplied cash balances sent to an accounts receivable system.

ECP is a web-based solution that integrates all paper and electronic payment streams into a single workflow. The platform offers real-time visibility, tracking and control into receivables processes. User-configurable business rules and criteria accelerate workflows while ensuring proper handling of receivables. All exception items are consolidated on the platform and sent to individual work queues based on pre-defined rules.

ECP’s real-time dashboard provides management with visibility into the current day’s receivables activity. Dynamic workload balancing allows managers to assign resources intelligently based on the nature and volume of exceptions.

The fully image-based interface is supported by robust security and auditing capabilities for enhanced compliance.

Key Benefits

  • Automate cash application based on configurable business rules
  • Accelerate Days Sales Outstanding and funds availability
  • Minimize levels of unapplied cash
  • Streamline and better monitor exceptions handling
  • Instantly access receivables information from anywhere, anytime
  • Strengthen tracking, control and compliance

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