Save $$ on your annual PCI audit!

By: Jon Gage

Creditron can save you $$ on your annual PCI audit!

It seems that major data breaches are making the evening news on an almost-weekly basis. These days improperly-secured cardholder data represents not just a risk, but an inevitable risk.

If your organization processes mailed-in payments that require credit card authorizations, then you know both the importance and the burden of an annual PCI audit. These audits require that every stone in your processes are overturned with a bright light being shined every step of the way. Maintaining compliance with evolving PCI regulations is an absolute must, and Creditron can help!

We are proud to announce that Creditron is the only provider of PCI PA-DSS (Payment Application Digital Security Standards) certified remittance processing software. By implementing this module for your “card not present” transactions you can turn the processing portion of your audit from a laborious, multi-day process to a simple check box!

Ready to safeguard your customer’s data and reduce your annual audit costs & effort? Reach out to your Creditron sales rep at today.

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