Remittance Cloud Processing

Browser-based remittance processing solution for low volume billers.

In a technology world where scanners and software are constantly decreasing in price while music and videos are in the cloud, shouldn’t your remittance system be advancing as well? Creditron’s Remittance Cloud Processing (RCP) is a comprehensive small-scale remittance scanner solution in a browser, with minimal upfront cost and a flat fixed monthly fee.


  • A pre-staged out of the box remittance solution using the latest Canon CR series.
  • Supports an OCR remittance coupons up to 8½ x 5 ½”.
  • No sorting! Run everything together (single remittance/check, multi remittance/check, check onlys).
  • Full CAR/LAR technology that reads the handwritten amounts on checks, almost no keying!
  • MICR data look up for exception processing of checks – system remembers from historical scanning.
  • Electronic check deposit to ANY Check21 bank, no more stamping and driving checks to the bank!
  • Creates an extract posting file to ANY CIS or billing system.
  • Front and rear image archive of all items scanned.
  • Virtual reports, printed from any browser in the organization, on demand.
  • Browser based research of any item scanned, available on demand.
  • Simple one hour pre-staged installation and online live training.
  • Online, 888, email, WebEx, and live chat for ongoing support.
  • Experience a return on investment from Day 1! (Based on 100 items manually vs. automated. 10x faster).
  • As low as $99 per month plus 15 cents per transaction.


  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface

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