ItemAge Express

Receivables automation and data perfection through configurable business rules.

ItemAge Express (IAX) is a robust, image-based payment processing solution for applications such as insurance premium processing, lockbox processing, subscription handling, utility and government payment processing.

Delivering the industry’s best price and performance, IAX offers a wide variety of standard software features, including batch editing, rubberbanding and web checks using ICR technology, audit trail printing on checks, check endorsement, check encoding, double-key entry, invoice sorting, key entry from image, MICR and OCR reading, on-line editing, multiple workflows, statistics and reporting and variable source balancing.

Optional software modules also are available for lockbox processing, remote capture, courtesy and legal amount recognition, image archive and retrieval, web-based image retrieval, barcode reading, hot files, mark sense, credit card processing and page scanning.

Together, these features provide users a highly flexible, extremely scalable solution that drives operations efficiency, streamlined paper handling and enhanced customer service.

Labor Saving Features

  • Hot files that automatically notify you when payments on a specific account are scanned
  • Safeguards against mis-posted payments and the associated error correction and customer
  • The ability to handle multiple amounts for multiple services
  • Advanced amount recognition to eliminate the sorting of mixed net and gross payments, partial
    payments and multiple payments
  • Image archive to eliminate paper filing and speed research

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