Automate your EOB and payment processing.

cloud835-graphicHealthcare providers of all sizes struggle with processing remittances received as paper EOB documents. Manually keying information from paper EOBs results in higher operational costs, delays in posting, increased efforts when managing exceptions and denials, and costly paper EOB storage. For these reasons manual EOB processing is a major contributor to both the healthcare industry’s long Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and its high percentage of uncollected receivables. Along with our EOB processing partner, Creditron is proud to leverage the latest technologies that will allow you to electronically streamline the entire process, faster than ever before. Upon scanning your payments and EOBs, Cloud 835 will electronically convert EOBs to an 835 and automate the deposit into your account.


  • Scan paper EOBs and checks directly into the Cloud835 web portal.
  • 835 file is generated and returned.
  • A deposit file is generated and sent to the bank to automatically deposit checks into your account.
  • Full reporting and archiving available, eliminating the need for paper storage.


  • Allows a provider to scan directly into the web portal
  • Extracts check data and provides a bank deposit file
  • Leverages state-of-the-art claim and denial matching for scanned EOBs
  • Includes a full archive of all processed work

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