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Creditrons Clients Seamlessly Upgrading to Windows 7

Friday, August 29, 2014

Rockville, MD

Creditron announced today that customers with its PC Restore package are saving significant money compared to users of other remittance processing solutions in the wake of Microsoft’s decision to discontinue support for its Windows XP platform.

As a result of Microsoft’s decision to end support for Windows XP, users of the operating platform must replace their existing PCs in order to upgrade to Windows 7 to continue receiving support from Microsoft.  Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system cannot be installed on PCs currently running Windows XP because of Windows 7’s requirements for newer technology and faster processors.

Creditron is a Microsoft Certified Partner, and as such is able through routine maintenance releases to ensure c compatibility with Windows 7 – with all software costs covered under standard maintenance. In addition, PC Restore, an optional part of Creditron’s annual maintenance program, provides users with the ability to re-install Creditron’s ItemAge and ItemAge Express solutions an unlimited number of times if their PC fails or needs to be replaced for any reason, regardless of where the user purchased the PC.

This means that Creditron users with the PC Restore package can have Creditron re-install their Creditron solution on the new PCs necessitated by the Microsoft platform upgrade, without incurring additional costs.  Other companies in the industry have been charging significant upgrade fees for Windows 7 compatibility, and also charge for any re-installation of their software.

“It is inevitable that PCs fail, become obsolete, or need to be upgraded to meet the requirements of operating system vendors,” said Creditron Founder and CEO Wally Vogel.  “Creditron’s optional PC Restore program mitigates the cost of PC upgrades by providing users with the ability to re-install our ItemAge and ItemAge Express solutions as many times as they need, at no additional cost.”


Gaurav Sharda

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