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Creditron Webinar Focuses on Automating Your Cash Application

Monday, July 27, 2015

Rockville, MD

Creditron, a leading provider of integrated receivables solutions announced today that its free webinar series has been gaining momentum by providing regular, informative sessions on a host of topics related to the payments industry. Just last week, Creditron conducted a webinar on ‘Automating Your Cash Application.’

 The webinar was well-attended and provided a high-level overview on a problem that many companies face today: how to efficiently process and reconcile unapplied cash. The webinar was conducted by Jon Gage, Sr. Business Solutions Architect at Creditron. The session highlighted several challenges shared by many corporates and how dissatisfied they are with their current receivables processing operation.

 “It is more important than ever to reduce DSO and ensure that receivables are applied both efficiently and accurately. Creditron’s cash application solution automates this by incorporating our customers’ unique posting & application rules through a rich business intelligence interface.” said Jon.

 As payment channels evolve and remittance information becomes increasingly disconnected from payments, organizations need to automate their receivables processes to stay afloat. Automating backend postings, improving processing time and ultimately reducing DSO can only be done through intelligent, well-planned automation.

 Creditron’s Enterprise Cloud Processing (ECP) solution is a complete enterprise receivables automation platform. It offers browser-based image research & exception processing, real-time visibility into all AR processes including unapplied cash and a full audit trail of all posting activity. To learn more about how Creditron can help in automating your cash application, email

If you are interested in this webinar or would like to know about any upcoming webinars that Creditron hosts, visit for the most up-to-date information. On Wednesday, July 29th, Creditron will be hosting another free webinar on Integrated Receivables for Lockbox at 2:00 PM EST. Please click on the following link to register –


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