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Creditron Warns of Risks Associated with Using a Lockbox Processing Platform that Relies on a FoxPro Database

Monday, October 07, 2013

Rockville, MD

Creditron today alerted financial institutions and third-party service providers that using a lockbox processing platform that relies on the antiquated FoxPro database could expose their operation to significant support and information security risks.

Microsoft discontinued FoxPro after the product’s last release in 2004 (Visual FoxPro Version 9). Mainstream support for FoxPro ended in 2010, and Microsoft has announced that it will no longer provide extended support for FoxPro, including critical security updates, after January 13, 2015.

“Financial institutions and third-party processors must ensure that their lockbox platform includes a current database with ongoing support and security updates. Lockbox providers simply cannot risk placing data in an unsupported database that will not receive security updates,” explained Creditron Founder and CEO Wally Vogel. “Creditron’s lockbox platform utilizes Microsoft SQL Server, providing customers with the peace of mind that critical support and upgrades always are available. This is one of the many reasons that our platform is the safest investment for lockbox processors.”

Creditron is a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner, and its lockbox solution uses Microsoft SQL Server (all versions). This means that financial institutions and third-party processors can count on support and security updates from Microsoft. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Creditron also ensures that its solutions are compatible with the latest versions of Windows, Windows Server, and SQL Server.

Creditron’s solution processes retail and wholesale lockbox transactions on a single platform, while integrating electronic payments and providing real-time browser-based access and a tablet-friendly interface.


Gaurav Sharda

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