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California Church Leverages Creditron Subscription to Process Donations on the Cloud

Friday, July 25, 2014

Rockville, MD

A California church that attracts 6,000 worshippers weekly, is improving their operational efficiency as a result of a cloud based donation processing subscription from Creditron, a leading provider of payment and receivables automation solutions.

The Accounting Manager at the church said the subscription service will enable the church to improve accuracy in reporting annual contributions by donors, reduce manual data entry by church staff, and make it easier to retrieve contribution records including images of checks received.

The church selected Creditron after spending over four months evaluating several alternatives for automated donation processing. They opted for the secure cloud based subscription service largely based on its seamless integration. “This enabled us to maintain our legacy donor database while gaining donations processing efficiencies,” the Accounting Manager said. “Since Creditron included a 30 day free trial period, we felt comfortable testing out the system to see if it would work for us.”

The adoption of cloud services is a growing trend, with 80% of large churches utilizing cloud technology according to a recent survey by Intacct, a cloud based accounting software provider. The church began using the RCP subscription in December 2013, and the Accounting Manager said it met all of the requirements on the church’s “wish list.” Her staff especially like that the service is image based and seamlessly exports data to the church’s donor database without the need for re-keying. “Our staff adapted quickly to the solution,” the Accounting Manager said. “Remittance Cloud Processing is user-friendly and extremely intuitive.’

The church uses the subscription service twice a week. Additionally, RCP uses information from previously processed donations to automatically populate a donor’s member number. The Accounting Manager expects that the reduced administrative effort will enable the church to practice good stewardship by reallocating staff time to other tasks in support of their ministry.

“Creditron has been very service-oriented during our transition to Remittance Cloud Processing,” the Accounting Manager concluded. “We had many requests and we appreciate their dedication to making the subscription work effectively for our church.”


Gaurav Sharda

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