Creditron offers image-based solutions to help corporations unlock value.


In a highly competitive market it is increasingly important to streamline processes throughout your organization. This needs to incorporate your receivables processing. Our payment and receivables solutions will help transform the end-to-end process from receipt of payment or payment file to posting to your accounts receivable ledger.

The flexibility of our solutions allow you to use Creditron platforms for the initial remittance capture & processing, as a fully deployed integrated receivables hub or solely to sit on top of your current applications to handle the arduous task of reconciling and applying customer payments.


A Creditron system can be used to facilitate the processing of payments via our end-to-end image-based platforms that automate the processing of scannable transaction documents. The integration of advanced imaging, data recognition and electronic payment technologies will improve efficiency and enhance customer service. Our solution will stream line the processing of payments to the bank.

Integrated Receivables

Whether your payments are received through the mail, wire, ACH, web, mobile capture, or via a lockbox they still must be processed through to your A/R system and matched with your customer’s outstanding invoices. Creditron provides an Integrated Receivables solution that facilitates the consolidation of all incoming payments. This hub amalgamates payments and remittance data from multiple sources and merges them into one integrated payments file. This means one data base for exception processing, cash application and research and reporting.

Cash Application

Today this can be a time consuming task for any company with a large volume of invoices. Creditron has helped corporations automate the application of incoming payments. Based on your defined business rules we will lower the research required and stream line the application of your customer payments.

Key Features

  • Automate cash application based on defined business rules
  • Integrates all payment streams into one workflow
  • Exception items are sent to individual automated work queues
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting of exceptions processing
  • Web-based reporting and research


  • Minimize un-applied cash levels
  • Accelerated payment processing means faster funds availability
  • Reduce total cost of operations
  • Improved security controls

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