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Duncan Solutions Eliminates 2 Payment Processing Centers and Streamlines Lockbox Processing by Deploying Creditron Lockbox Solution

Duncan Solutions, Milwaukee, WI, is a full-service parking management company and a leading provider of parking management products and services to municipal and commercial clients worldwide, including parking meters, enforcement solutions, citation processing, debt collections, and integrated on-street parking management services. Since 1936, Duncan Solutions has been in the business of providing parking solutions for more than 2,000 clients.

Duncan Solutions processes retail lockbox transactions for a large number of municipalities throughout the country with over 200 lockbox clients, processing over 140,000 transactions per month.


Duncan Solutions was processing in four major cities throughout the United States; Detroit, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and Milwaukee. They also had multiple in-house software applications for processing transactions on 10+ year old NCR iTran 180 transports. This distributed combination of disparate systems and process severely impacted Duncan’s ability to scale and implement new, more efficient and cost-saving technologies. Duncan wanted to consolidate their processing operations to a single location with one software/hardware solution. They needed a platform that would address current needs and provide the flexibility to expand as their customer base continued to grow.


Duncan Solutions was experiencing a high cost of processing due to the expanding distributed footprint. They were unable to efficiently implement new technology to reduce their cost and enhance their customer experience. Without a unified processing platform features like virtual batching, virtual balancing, check21, check separation, full-page correspondence capture, envelope scanning, and automated exception processing were not available.

Their current procedures required a great deal of manual effort which included handling paper multiple times through the process. It was difficult to make the adjustments necessary to solve unique client processing requirements, resulting in inefficient workflows creating longer than desired SLA’s.


Duncan Solutions has been a Creditron customer since 2002 and was completely satisfied with the solution, but were not using all of the available features and updated functionality. Given the long-term partnership, it was an easy choice to implement ItemAge Express Lockbox, along with (2) OPEX AS7200’s. As a result, they were able to meet their objective to consolidate and streamline all four of their operation centers into Milwaukee.

The flexibility of the ItemAge Express Lockbox solution allowed Duncan to quickly configure each lockbox client onto the solution and implement Check21 to increase funds availability. Duncan was able to implement the capture of all correspondence with transaction integrity in order to pass all the data to an internal workflow management solution to eliminate manual paper handling 100% throughout the organization. The implementation of virtual batching and balancing has streamlined the mail opening process, reducing overhead while improving the end customer experience.

Solution Benefits:

  • Configurable customer profile tools
  • Full control to onboard new clients
  • Implementation of Check21 with 15 different financial institutions
  • Ability to capture full-page correspondence and implement an integrated workflow to their document imaging solution
  • Single platform
  • Virtual batching of payments
  • Virtual balancing
  • System-generated automated notifications to clients
  • Better customer service and delivery
  • Ability to continue to capture in the Los Angeles office, with all processing completed in Milwaukee

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